Letter to my daughter, 2012.

My dear daughter,

Another year has passed, and I want to take the opportunity to express to you, what you truly mean to me.

Your arrival, fourteen years ago, that symbol of your soul choosing me as your mom, and Jamie and I as your parents, changed my life forever. As you developed and grew within me, I felt a strong connection to that living being. I didn’t yet know if you were a boy, or a girl, and then one day, I felt strongly that you were a girl. I just knew.

As connected as I felt to you when I was carrying you, I had no clue how much that connection would deepen and grow. From holding you when you were newly born, and totally dependent; to your toddler years when you started to become more independent and exploring your world; and to your transitions in age and development since then, including right now, as a growing teenager.

The road has not always been smooth for us as mother and daughter. For much of your life, when I would get scared about something going on with you, or with me, I would disconnect myself from you, going away from my heart. At the time, I thought that it was the right way to protect and parent you. Yet, what happened is that you stopped trusting me; you were frequently afraid of how I would react to something; and you shut your heart off from me, too.

Today, I am doing it differently. I am opening my heart with you, trusting you and trusting myself more as well. And, the beauty in me opening up my heart, is that you are opening yours, too. we trust each other, we connect deeply, and we have some amazing talks. I know you better than ever before, and am letting you know all parts of me as well.

There are so many challenges that we will continue to face as a family. I know now that because we are opened up to one another, we can overcome and deal with anything that comes our way.

I want you to know how proud that I am of who you are, and who you continue to become. The person that you show yourself to be to the world is confident, loving, connected, brave, intelligent, and humble. You want to make a difference in the world, which you already are, and will continue to do.

I want you to know that there is nothing that you cannot tell me, that I am here for you always, and I love you, fully and completely.


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