The difficult situations are the biggest lessons.

Maybe this doesn’t seem surprising to some of you, but for me, once I realized that the most difficult situations in my life, have the biggest learning opportunities for me, I felt free.

For so long before that, I felt badly about bad things happening in my life, and bad things happening around me. I would even grieve it. I rarely saw that there could be a lesson in it for me that would be significant or meaningful. Especially, when the situation was occurring. I might even feel like a lesson came from the event much time after it occurred. However, I never saw the lesson at the very time it was coming to me.

I would cry, and wail, and wonder why I was, yet again, upset, left behind, unloved, or surprised. Why me?

Today, it feels so different than this. There are many mornings, when I am giving my daily dose of gratitude, that I express gratitude for the difficult situations. Openly, honestly and willingly. That seems so amazing. To want these lessons to come my way so that I can learn them, and grow and get stronger.

I have a good sized difficult situation going on in my life right now. At times, when I would not want to have to deal with the circumstances of it, and how I needed to deal with it, I would stay more in judgment and negativity toward other people. I felt so sorry for myself that I didn’t get strong and powerful in what I needed to do.

Today, I am powerfully saying what it is that I want and need. And, I don’t say it as a way to gain some sideways attention for myself, or to win favor. It is more pure than that now, and although it is not perfection, I am learning to love the lessons as they come, and to be open and humble as I learn them.

I want to learn, I want to grow, I want to be stronger and more open with each day. I want to love my life more and more and be engaged and powerful and loving. I see that all for myself now, not in sorrow from the situations that are present for me. Rather I see the opportunities in it, for me to walk into my life fully and confidently and live the life that I want to live.


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