My life is amping up into some pretty powerful magic these days. In the last three months, I have been published in a professional book; I have expanded my coaching clients as a Coach in Training with the Handel Group, and I have created a fit body and good health for myself. I feel my dreams in my reach and I know that I have so much left to go after and to create.

One of the biggest ways that I have begun to really get the dreams that I desire is by being clear in my intentions. Setting forth clearly toward what it is that I want. Just as I have learned that in order to get what I want in life from others, I need to clearly ask for it, I have also learned that in order to reach the dream that I desire, I have to clearly set my intentions toward it.

Intentions are not just what we wish to see happen, but what we clearly are willing to take steps toward. For example, I know clearly that coaching others is my dream and where I want to go. So, in order to firm up my intention to that, I gave up other activities that took away from that, like teaching. I have enjoyed teaching, yet know that I don’t want to do that more than coaching. Coaching is it for me. So, that is where my intention is set.

I have set my intentions clearly when it comes to my body, my money, and most recently, my time. I envision what it is that I want, and create a plan to achieve it. Setting my intention.

Sure, I feel magic and spiritual forces guiding and assisting me as well. Yet, it is amazing to see the results of what I can do, simply by focusing my attention, and intention, on what I truly desire.

I can have whatever it is that will bring me joy. THAT is magical, indeed.


2 thoughts on “Intention.

  1. Love this post. I have been wanting to write about intention as well, it just may be my next post. A life on the path is nothing more then a life of intention. Distinguishing habit from intention is what is going to make the main difference in someone’s life when heading towards peace and happiness. my faorite quote is “that was the day she made herself the promise to live more from intention adn less from habit”. Integrity, living your Truth, and being mindful all are living through intention. Making the necc changes in your life will happen when they come from intention. I am excited you are a CIT in the Handel Group as I am finding out more information right now to become a coach as well. I feel as you do in that this is my calling and my passion. So glad to have stumbled across your page. cant wait to hear more about your journeys 🙂

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