Parallel Trains.




I have been spending a lot of time in the city of New York as of late. For my training with the Handel Group as a life coach, I am assisting with events and coming here often. What I am discovering is my own love of the city.

I am falling in love with the sights, sounds and people of the Big Apple. As I walk through neighborhoods where my friends reside, I feel the familiarity of having been here before. I am understanding the differences between uptown, downtown, Queens and Manhattan. I know where to find good, fresh produce, and how to carry my belongings without being a hazard to myself and others.

And, I am negotiating, and loving, riding the subway trains.

For my friends in Pennsylvania who once lived in the city, riding the subway is something they never do. Buses and cabs for them, no underground adventures. For me, there is something about the walk through the station, having a Metrocard always in my wallet now, and watching the persons that are riding with me that I thoroughly enjoy.

One particular phenomenon, that seems to happen at least once every trip, is the happening of parallel trains. When I am riding a subway train, it is not unusual for another train to be running on a parallel track. At those moments when we are side by side, I find myself looking inside, and wondering about the people in there. What are they thinking about? Where are they going? Are they tired, joyful or despairing? Are they weary or do they wonder about us, too?

To me, it is like having a bird’s eye view into a parallel universe, and although neither will intersect with the other, we will be able to see inside and to wonder.

This city is full of its own set of challenges, but there is truly magic here that only has to want to be seen, to be discovered.


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