Why am I here?

As I go forward and keep evolving, changing, and growing, I become more aware of my mission on this earth, in this life. Why am I here? What am I here to do, to bring to others?

I have come up with a variety of answers over the last couple of years. However, some of the most consistent answers for me have been that I am here to teach others to open up, to trust and to be vulnerable, as I am learning to do that, too. It is also to guide those that I love in a spiritual way, to telling the truth and showing their hearts. I am learning how to do that too, not such an easy task!

We have all been living our lives, closed and untrustful. Yet we all want love. We all want connection. We all want to be heard and to be understood.

So, why am I here?

I am here to guide, to support, and teach others what I am finally learning. To open my heart, be vulnerable, trust, and to tell the truth. It is the only way to a life of joy.

2 thoughts on “Why am I here?

  1. Thanks for this wonderful msg … i am lucky i found your blog and learned from you.. Really I, myself need to be heard and loved. My husband has done all worst ever countless things in life. I’ve heard countless sorry too that sometimes i really think not that sincere. In every way, God always there for me.. and I am thankful that I found you to say these things that gives me inspirations. U keep me broaden my mind. Now i know that the countless acceptance of my husband’s weeknesses proves me that I did this for love. And trusting God that he would changed.

    1. Angie: It is a blessing to me that my words have helped you in some way. I am only in the last couple of years, learning to truly trust myself, and also, to have faith and trust that I am being watched over. May God continue to watch over you. Vanessa

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