Kitty Convention!

This morning, I was out for a walk/run in my neighborhood. The air was cool, the sky was brightening, and I was enjoying the air and the light. As I got near my house, I saw a kitty, walking near me. I talked to it, and as I got closer, there were four other kitties, that all walked away at the same time. It was so cute, and so real!

It was a kitty convention.

I absolutely love cats. But, that wasn’t what struck me as so fun, magical and powerful this morning. What impacted me so deeply was the fact this small moment in my neighborhood, I got to see it. Because I was paying attention, and staying present in my day, I didn’t miss something so subtle, as five neighborhood kitties having a moment. I could not imagined that I would see something like that, and it was so fun that I caught the moment.

I thought about it for the rest of the day, and it continued to remind me of the importance of being fully present in my life, to not miss the big, or the small, moments that happen in my life. To see the detail of my life, to be willing to understand the importance of it. In order to be happy, and to fulfill my mission and to be my best self, I need to stay in it, in the moment, and revel in it.

Tomorrow, who knows what is in store for me!


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