Honoring Time.

As I have gotten deeper into my coaching training through the Handel Group,I have become much more aware of my time, and how I am spending it. I have bought new calendars, kept to do lists, and organized in several different ways to really make sure that my time was being spent in the most efficient, productive way possible. I have learned how to manage my time.

And, not been so great at it much of the time. Then, last week, I had a revelation of sorts.

The more that I kept at working on managing my time, the more annoyed that I would become with it, and with myself. I would figure out how long it took to do things, and sometimes I was accurate, but most of the time, I wasn’t. And, then I would get aggravated, want to give it up all together, and then waste time wishing I could be doing something else. I felt distracted at times and not very motivated.

Last week, I tried a new approach. I decided that I needed to figure out why I had such a bad attitude about time, and find a new attitude about it. So, my new mantra is that I am HONORING my time. Not managing it. Not mastering it. But honoring it.

Time is the currency of my life, without a doubt. And, if I squander it, it’s gone. I can’t get it back. So, I wanted to get smart not only about how I am spending it, but also, how I am viewing it. If I am viewing it only as a vehicle through which to get my to do list accomplished, it doesn’t feel all that connected or spiritual to me. However, if I approach it as honor, as how do I want to really cherish the time that I am devoting to something, it takes on a new meaning.

So, I started that last weekend. Every night before I go to bed, I spend 30 minutes making my schedule for the next day. And, every night and morning, I read my time dream, about honoring and loving my time, and how I have time for everything that I want, and need to do.

The result? Well, I still have 24 hours in a day, but I sure feel more grateful for what I have in those hours, and how I am spending them.

Truly lovely.

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