Changing my mind.

This is an interesting topic for me, because I have often been a person in life who hasn’t changed her mind easily, at least, not been honest about it. What I mean is, I have acted like I was going along with something even when I had changed my mind about it, and just not told anyone. And then, when I would come out with it, it would be abrupt and chaotic, because no one would have seen it coming. I have done this in relationships, jobs, careers, my life in general. Because I don’t want to be uncomfortable with changing my mind at the time it happens, I keep it to myself, get resentful, and then, make a dramatic exit.

I am thinking differently about this process, this changing my mind business. It is true; I still don’t like to have difficult conversations, or to be uncomfortable when I have to tell someone in my life that I have changed my mind about something. However, what I am more present to than I have been in the past, is the impact that my lack of communication has on the other person. Me hiding, and lying, about going along, when I want out, is deceptive, mean and shows no concern for the other. It is selfish and if I want to truly be the change, I have to speak up, at the time.

The other new revelation I have about changing my mind, is that I can always, CHANGE MY MIND. I can think about things differently, ask more of myself, stop making excuses, and envision my dreams and go toward them. Instead of complaining about how my life is, I can change my thinking to create something different, and more in line with what it is that I want. That is changing my mind in the sense that, I can always change the game if I am not happy with how it’s going. Always.

Thanks to the Handel Group, to life coaching and integrity, I am getting my mind on track, I am being more open and communicative with others, and I am living a happier life. It is so worth it.


2 thoughts on “Changing my mind.

  1. Since I strongly believe that a higher being (God) directs me, I have found it very useful to see “changing my mind” as not so much a human frailty, but rather that I have been directed by God to take a different course than the one I was on. It doesn’t make me less responsible for my actions, but it does give me a sense of peace when I head North when only yesterday I was heading South!

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