An angel in every room.

When I moved into my new home a year ago, I was set on wanting to have it be a home, from the beginning. I wanted it to feel inviting, and inspiring, and like it belonged to me. So, I gathered items and put them in my home that represented me, and felt familiar and comforting. An item that I had a few of, was angels.

I have collected various objects and types of items over my lifetime, but was never a collector of anything angel. Yet, I seemed to have a few of them in my possession. Statues, figurines, and drawings that had been gifted to me over the years. So, I decided that I would place an angel in each room of my new home. And, as the powers that be would have it, I had just enough of my angels to literally go into each room. Placed in a spot where they could be seen, yet not the focal point of the room, the angels have been a unique, and welcome addition to my home.

Not that I have ever thought of believing in angels either, mind you. I mean, I have always believed in them; angels just haven’t been a focal part of my spiritual practice, an entity that I think on a great deal. Yet, they had managed to find their way into my life, and my home.

The last few weeks, I have been going through my house, each day, choosing an item that I am no longer attached to, that I have just held onto for no apparent reason, and putting it into a box to give away. As I started that process, I realized that the angels, and their presence in my home, was an intentional act on my part to include in setting up my space. That presence felt significant when I thought about it, not just for the fact that they sit in my home, in each room, but symbolically, what that means. That in each part of my home, I have a spirit being watching out for me, guiding me, protecting me, loving me.

So, even when faith fails me, or I don’t believe enough to let go, my angels are always there to catch me.


4 thoughts on “An angel in every room.

  1. I used to babysit for this lady and she had the coolest bedroom. She had statues of buddha and beautiful rocks throughout her apartment. In her bedroom was a table with shelves on it covered in beautiful tapestries. On the shelves were statues and pictures of people to worship. Jesus, Isis, Buddha, etc. She burned different incenses and sage. This is where she meditated. She had tapestries on the wall and ceiling too.

    1. That sounds so cool! I have some objects that I have acquired over the years, and I meditate each morning, and do yoga twice a week. It really keeps me present to my connection to the Universe; very powerful!

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