Turning the page.

Today, I made a decision that was the right one for me, and that closes one chapter of my life, and begins a new one.

Today, I turned a page in the book of my life.

This has not been a decision that I have been struggling with for a long time, or one that has had me spending hours of angst trying to figure out what the right thing was to do. This was a recent development, and the deep realization that something that I was doing wasn’t working for me. It wasn’t the direction that I wanted to be going in.

There is no drama, no trepidation, no feelings of desperation as I come to this point in my story. It feels like the right decision, but not a right decision that comes to me as an either/or. When I knew what my choice was, it was as easy as breathing to make it, and to state it.

I have seen my life as a story that I am writing as I go along, meaning, I can create it to be anything that I wish for it to be. I have seen it that way for a long time now. So today, the writer in me knows that I have finished this portion of my story, I am so grateful and aware of the lessons that I have secured from it, and now, a new page is before, blank and waiting.

I feel certain in my trust and faith, because there is no fear there. I am no longer scared to live my life. I feel ready, willing and able to create within it anything that I imagine that it can be.

So today, the story continues, a new chapter begins, and I am at peace.


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