Having a playful spirit.

There have been many moments in my life when I would forget what it is like to play, to have fun, to enjoy my life. It’s not that I never had fun; more like, I would get set up in the seriousness of it, and forget to have fun most of the time.

I have considered myself to be deeply responsible and reliable for most of my being; get to work on time, early even, stay late, take work home, pay my bills, care for my pets, my family.


And, responsible and reliable is a necessary thing.

So is, however, FUN!

I often forgot, or just didn’t, have fun in the process. I would rarely laugh, because life is serious business, you know. What is so funny about it, I would ask? Don’t you see how serious this is?

I have figured out that no fun in my life, or not enough of it, creates drama, and self pity, and resentment of others. I have harbored a lot of thoughts in the past about how others just aren’t as dedicated to their lives a I was, being totally judgmental that they were laughing and enjoying too much.

Rather than thinking, I am not enjoying it enough.

Having my daughter, and engaging in life with her has certainly helped with this. But now, as I moved into my new phase of my life, dating, I am finding that having a playful spirit about meeting other people, and getting to know them, is essential. I want to have fun with my life, the fun of exploring who another person is, and letting them know about who I am. The fun of trying new things together, or showing another person something that they have never experienced before.

The fun of vacations, activities, and days that are like an adventure, full of laughter and joy.

I can be serious about my life, and creating what I want in it. AND and I can be playful about it too.

It sounds like the only true way to live.


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