Goodbye, old house.

Goodbye old house.

It has been over a year since I lived there, walking freely between your rooms and feeling warm, secure and cared for. Even though I still visit you from time to time, it feels different somehow, like I don’t quite belong there anymore. Then, I realized, that I had never said farewell to you, and expressed my gratitude for all that you brought to my life.

I remember walking through your rooms, 13 years ago, wondering if you were the right place for us. Your age, and your stone foundation, as well as a kitchen that invited long conversations, told us that you were the right choice.

But, you hadn’t been lived in for a long while. Your previous owner had cared for you, perfected you, and lived within your walls for many years. When he died, you were left dormant for a long time. We wanted to help you come back to life.

It wasn’t easy, mind you. You needed lots of TLC, just to be ready for us to live there. Yet, we came to visit you, every weekend, to patch up your bad spots and clean you up, and get you ready. And, soon, you were ready, to welcome us home.

I have so many warm, cherished memories from those years. I can still hear the specific squeaks and cracks of certain stairs on your staircase; there was no coming down them softly. The windows that had years of old paint on them, because they had been fixed up so many times. The bell on the back door, so that anytime it would open, we would know it.

The old black, dial telephone that rang outside. Everyone in the neighborhood knew when we would be getting a call.

The rooms that smelled like they had been around a long time. And Elwood, your previous owner, his ghost wandering through at times, for sure, because we would hear things or smell his cigarette smoke.

And then, the yard. So many happy, fun moments in that yard; running like crazy from the bear that came across the yard; the giant turtle that crossed every year on the way to the lake; the forts built among your trees and the gardens that grew even potatoes.

I am so grateful for the years that I spent there, years raising a family and feeling contented.

I am ready now to say goodbye; and although I anticipate being in your presence many more times, I am ready to say goodbye to any part of you still being mine.

I know that you will serve others well. I know that you are reliable, capable and strong.

And, I am ready to let you go.


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