I am changing the world.

I am changing the world. One gesture at a time.

For the last two years, I had one particular idea of how I would go about doing that. I would use an intervention that could impact the most people, in the shortest amount of time, to really get to what I needed to do. It felt like that made the most sense, and that the sooner and greater impact that I would have, the better.

Then, I changed my mind. Not about changing the world. Rather, about how to get to doing that.

Now in those two years, I did my share of making changes. I helped people change their own lives, and take it back to their families and communities. I changed the dynamics with the loved ones in my life, and how I viewed myself. I changed my judgments into compassion and opened my heart more. I shifted, and grew.

Now, I find that changing the world looks like what I am creating now. By taking information to others, small groups or large, and not only teaching them, but having presence and compassion for where they are at. I am discovering more than ever before, that only by listening to what people are speaking, can I really change the world.

I have to get where people are, before I can offer or suggest that there might be something even better for them.

I haven’t been so good at this part in the past, because I was totally convinced, much of the time, that the way that I thought that they should conduct their lives was the best way, and that I only wanted them to be happier. I was looking out for their best interest after all.

The big joke of that, is that I wasn’t really caring about what was best for them, if I truly didn’t “get” them and where they were at, instead of having my own agenda.

I have figured out that changing the world isn’t me changing the world to live by my rules. Changing the world means really connecting, and listening, and having deep understanding and compassion for another person’s story. Then, guiding them if they need it.

Changing the world is less about changing a policy, or a law or attitude, although those are all still really important to me. Of more importance, is that I stay present and loving about each story that I hear along the way. Only then can I truly understand the world, and what it needs.


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