Cracking open my heart.

I love my yoga practice. Each time I go to class, or even practice at home, I feel my growth and my connection to it, and the deepening of the practice. It inspires me and helps me to grow.

This week, I went to class on my birthday, to celebrate life, to celebrate new love, to celebrate the joy that is within me. I got to practice right next to the woman who inspires me, who loves me, and who I love and adore for what she is bringing into my world. I feel like my heart is so open, yet, it has been closed in some respects for so long, that there is always room for growth.

That day, in that hour, what spoke to me the most was our teacher advising us to crack open our hearts; spread our arms, embrace a pose, and be as open and vulnerable as we could. As I spread my arms, feeling so connected and present, I could feel my heart places that have been closed off and disconnected, shifting and I was sloughing away some of the remnants of hurt and mistrust. I felt my soul respond to new light pouring in and a level of vulnerability that I was welcoming, rather than fearing.

I felt the shift. Not just as I stretched my physical body, but as I opened up my mind to the reality of my world, and my heart and soul to the possibilities that exist within this new place I am in.

It would be so easy, in some ways, to keep my heart guarded; to wait, to be cautious, scared and uncertain of the beauty of what is is my world. Yet I am drawn to the unknown, because it means that I am embracing a faith and trust in what is to come, and remembering that I am writing the story as I go forward. There are no surprises, no drama, no chapters that won’t have my signature upon them.

Cracking open my heart, means that I can embrace, soak up, and absolutely relish that love which has found its way to me.

I am infinitely blessed.


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