I have been thinking a great deal about being inspired lately. I mean, I often feel inspired to write, create, and to expand and be my true self. However, lately, with new love in my life, I feel more inspired than ever. I feel awakened to the life that I am creating.

For me, as I reflect on it this morning, awakening means two things. It first means my arising in the morning, and before my feet touch the floor, getting totally present to the gratitude that I have for my life. I take five deep breaths, stretch my body, and give thanks for what ever compels me in that moment- for love, for my family, for a healthy body. I have so much to be thankful for, I always have much to choose from.

So awakening means that to me, appreciation for the dawn of a new day, and what it will offer to me, and I will bring to it.

It also means, awakening to the deep calling within me to be inspired, each and every day, to tap into the energy that is me and my uniqueness. To write, draw, sing, express, receive- all human actions that keep me fully engaged and interacting with my world. When I am dancing with my life in that way, I feel so alive and present to what I am being offered in that very moment.

Yet, I get scared, scared for it all to go away, scared to run out of ideas or time or money or energy. What I am learning is that fear is really fear of my Higher Power, my God, my Great Spirit- whatever it is that best represents my faith and is always watching over me. When there is fear that lingers in those places, or doubt about the vast nature of my presence here, I feel less inspired, more impulsive and frantic.

Today, I am actively embracing this moment, still minutes before dawn, to be present to that which I want to take into my heart, to ease that fear and free me to be inspired to create my life’s masterpiece today.

This morning, I am choosing peace over fear, and awakening my soul to all realms of possibility.



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