Holding joy in my hands.

What a day! The more that I open up, the more joy that finds its way to me. I know that it is no accident; that by my being an open receptor for joy in my life, I actually bring it to myself.

Two deep reminders today for me about the necessity, and freedom, of joy. First, I had such a feeling of happiness this morning, and was struck by the fact that, when someone admired it in me, and wanted it for herself, I had to pause, and remember: I don’t possess the joy, any more than another person. It is there for all, for the taking. Although I love the idea that I can actually bring it to someone, it really isn’t mine to bring. Rather, it exists in each of our worlds, and it is our duty to find it, call it to ourselves, and then, carry it with us in all areas of our lives.

That was a deep lesson for me, in humility.

This afternoon, I was going to pick up my daughter, and when I arrived, noticed that she was trying to catch something, in a soda bottle on the front porch of her house. What I thought might be a hornet, ended up being a hummingbird! It had found its way onto the porch, and was trying to find its way out. My daughter had not been able to capture it. I was scared, and a bit concerned to harm it, but I trusted my heart, and I gently picked it up, and held it. It was an amazing experience.

I actually held joy in my hands.

You see, in Native American medicine card tradition, hummingbird represents joy. In those moments, when that tiny creature sat so still in my hands, and I spoke to it and reassured it that I would get it safely free, I was so humbled by how tiny, and fragile it was. And, so beautiful.

In having respect for the joy, for the gift, even the most fragile one can be handled and brought closer to us, if we are humble and connected to how to be with it.

So much stuffed into this brilliant day; I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!


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