Moon Glow.

I was so excited to get up and begin my day today, I got up extra early, and got in the frame of mind for my meditation. Instead of my usual practice of reading my medicine card, and writing and contemplating it, I wanted to be out in the open air. So, I took a blanket, went out in my yard, and lay down and looked up at the moon in the sky.

The image above is what I saw. Total moon glow.

I have always felt so strongly, deeply connected to the moon and stars, especially the moon. Maybe it is my fluidity connecting with it somehow, but whatever it is, I am deeply drawn to it. To lay there, with no barriers between me and the predawn sky, I felt so complete, so connected to all that is in this world. It was really profound.

I am so inspired, to live my life fully, and to lay in my yard on a blankie when I want to connect with my world. Today, there are no limits, no restrictions to what I can be, becoming, achieve, and have in this world. I firmly believe that. No matter what, I can always look up at what is always there for me, and get a clear sense of the immense power that watches over me each day.

When I feel scared, or hesitant about something, it is always because I am holding on too tightly, not letting go, turning over, and letting things just be. This morning, in the darkness waiting for the light to come, I felt complete, I felt whole, I felt so able to let go and fully embrace my life and its moments.

Total moon glow.


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