Sensing my world.

I took a brisk, refreshing walk on my lunch hour at work today. I have been doing this more often lately, and really enjoy the break in the middle of my day. Today, when I started out, the first thing that I noticed, besides the warm air, was the bright blue hue of the sky. It was tremendous. I couldn’t stop looking at it, so brilliant, so clear. No clouds anywhere to be seen.

It was truly amazing, one of the miracles of nature.

I tend to get almost obsessed about the sky, day and night. Sunrises, sunsets, clouds, or cloudless sky. Thunder clouds rolling in, or snow skies. Stars by the hundreds, and full moons. So, it wasn’t that unusual for me to see the sky, and really be taken in by it.

But then, something even more beautiful happened. I turned the corner of the area where I was walking, and was suddenly captured by a beautiful scent, almost Lily-like, in the air. It stayed with me for a couple of minutes, and although I looked around for where it might be coming from, I couldn’t determine the source. But it was sweet, and natural, and such a delight to catch as I was walking by.

I was truly sensing my world, in all ways.

My sight was so alive with the sky, the woods and all that there was to see on my path. My sense of smell was awakened by that sweet smell in the air. I could hear the music pounding from my Ipod, and felt connected to the songs. I felt the way that my feet hit the ground, as my new sneakers met with the street. I didn’t taste anything along the way, but thought about the abundance of berries in the early months of summer along this path.

Last night, while walking with my beloved, she pointed out to me the scents of the outdoors by her home, something that I might have easily missed in my haste to continue with our evening. It was so interesting, and invigorating to not miss it today, out in my world.

So, tap into those senses, as you wander through your day and walk in your own world. There is so much to be found.

Or, to be missed.


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