Tuning in.

This weekend, my love took me for a walk at a lake near her house, to a spot there that she loves to visit, and meditate and be with nature. I was so excited to see the place, and also, to just have some quiet time together, enjoying the world and the view. We decided to meditate together there, which was fascinating for me.

I have been doing daily meditation for quite a while now, a practice that took a lot of doing before it felt natural to me. I remember that almost two years ago, when I began to integrate it into my daily living, sitting for five minutes quietly, and letting go of the dozens of thoughts that plagued my mind, seemed impossible. I was distracted, and frustrated, and totally believing that I would not be able to settle and tune in. Yet, I got better at it, and soon, was meditating, on my way to work every day, for thirty minutes. Now, I meditate and reflect every morning, and it is a great way to wake up.

So, as we sat by the lake this weekend, it seemed so familiar to sit in that beautiful space and call up that part of myself that is quiet and reflective. Yet, I felt like I wanted to expand it more for myself, in that experience. So, I got myself really present to tuning in to my surroundings. I really focused on being able to hear the wind blowing through the trees, the rustle of some creature walking in the woods, and the smells of the wet, damp earth. At one point, I really wanted to be able to hear the sound of the water, hitting the rocks that were below us, and soon, I was even tuned into that. It created such a deep and full experience for me.

I thought about radios, and how, when I still use mine in my kitchen at home, there are the slightest adjustments I need to make, to be able to tune into the station that I want to listen to. If I am off, just by a slight turn of the dial, the station doesn’t come in.

I felt so present to the fact that I wanted to be completely tuned into my world.

Today, I am so grateful for that. For much of my life, I have let so much of the world go by, because I was too busy, too stressed, or too focused on something else, that I didn’t notice the sound of the water, or the rustling of the trees.

Today, I am tuned in, and turned on, totally by my world.


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