The tree on the beach.

I have been at the beach, in North Carolina, for the last week. For me, being by the ocean is a healing, cleansing experience. I feel so connected and complete here. And, I love to walk by the sea and find shells, and feel the surf wash over my feet.

This time, I also have spent my early mornings in meditation, connecting with my love from far away. It has been a deeply spiritual experience. And, I found a spot that has been perfect for it. A tree on the beach.

When I first discovered the tree, I thought that it was growing there, and that the surface of it was worn from the ocean winds. Then, I realized that it was not growing there at all, but a piece of a tree, standing upright in the sand.

The story that I have created is that a strong storm set it up on the beach, standing upright, and that it has stood there ever since. Even without its roots dug deeply into the ground, as I sat and meditated upon it this morning, I felt its life force, the history that it has, the life that it has lived.

I thought about love, the type of love that I am in and continue to build. It is resilient, strong, no matter what the circumstances are that we may face. The tides of our lives have carried us around the world and back, yet we have been set, upright, to stand strongly against winds and waves that may be strong and powerful.

I also thought about our love in a rooted way as well; two seedlings, that have landed in the lush forest, soil that is rich and full, and both seedlings taking root. Side by side, the seedlings grow each day, spreading roots in either direction, and also, roots intertwining with one another.

A love, that is created in independence, and interdependence. Roots that grow separately and together. Deeply dug in, and holding each other up.

That is the love that we are creating. One that holds its integrity in two living vessels, and builds integrity together as well.

I am humbled, joyful and so blessed to be on this journey. Life is magical, and full of promise.

Love, rooted and resilient.


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