I bought myself a new vacuum cleaner recently. And, just for fun, I have decided to name it.

My new vacuum is named Calliope. The Greek muse of heroic poetry.

Naming of my vacuum, seems silly, right? I am viewing it a bit differently, as in, I am being whimsical, looking to find fancy and delight in my every day occurrences. Enjoying the moments and creating fun in them whenever possible. Being light instead of heavy.

Leaving drama behind and having a sense of humor about it all.

For so much of my adult existence, even my child years for that matter, I have taken myself, and the world, so seriously. Taken on the ills of the world into my own being; listened to the struggles of others and made them my own; been dramatic and reactive about situations in my life that were truly manageable and not so serious.

Today, I am freeing myself up. I want to enjoy my life, and I want to keep it in perspective. Instead of worrying about how often I am vacuuming my living room, how about just giving it a name, like Calliope, enjoying the color it adds to my home, and having fun with it all?

When I would take in the problems of the world, or the issues of others, I always felt so noble, so heroic.

So better than.

Today, I can listen, empathize, and support those around me that are struggling with one life issue or another. I can advocate and stand for those that cannot stand for themselves. However, I don’t have to make all of that which occurs about myself. It really has little to do with me. When I make it about me, I stop being there for the other person. I become selfish and self absorbed about it, rather than loving and giving to them.

I also stop having fun with life when I do this. I go to dramatic, rather than whimsical, fun and adventurous.

So, today, I am enjoying my Saturday, by eating french toast and bacon at 2:30 PM; walking a wooded trail; having a bubble bath; and saying words like whimsy and Calliope.

It is a great day.


2 thoughts on “Whimsy!

  1. I like these thoughts — serious yet funny! I go through the same struggle between a lighter and darker outlook. Also, I almost named my cat Calliope, but I thought it was too whimsical, so now I just call her Miss Cat — I’ll think about you and your vacuum next time I think about going generic, staid, serious, and I’ll have more fun instead!

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