Fifteen years ago today………

…… I was pacing the hospital floor, watching Wheel of Fortune, getting good drugs, feeling like I was going to pass out, eating ice chips, and then, pushing with all of my might.

To deliver the biggest miracle of my life, my daughter, Hannah Louise.

I guess it is pretty common for a parent to think each year, about where we were and what we were doing on the night of their child’s birth. By this time in the evening, I was on my second trip to the hospital, having had a false labor starting earlier in the day. By the time the evening of December 4th came around, I was well on my way.

Some women say that they don’t remember the pain of labor? I DO! I am not ashamed to say so, either. It is painful. It is hard work. It is physically taxing, and scary at times. My blood pressure dropped really low. My heart rate slowed way down. I almost passed out. I got really scared.

Then, it started to really get exciting. I got some awesome drugs, and actually napped a bit. Until, it became time to prepare for the final act of this play. Time for our baby girl (although we didn’t know it for sure we suspected so) to arrive.

I remember when she was finally born. I looked at her, almost in disbelief. She was quiet, but not in a way that seemed like something was wrong. More like, she had calmly come into the world and felt totally at peace with being handed off to us. She appeared to recognize voices, and she was so calm. I was, and still am, completely in love.

I know as I get ready to head off to bed, that I will awaken around 2:25 AM, the time of her birth, and remember how blessed I am to have had her come to me, an angel on earth. I am as delighted and in awe of her as when I first felt her flutter in my belly.

She is the miracle of miracles.



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