Finding your Hour of Power.


This morning, as I was enjoying the dawning day and preparing to start my tasks, I read my Medicine card, and my Sacred Path card for the day. My Medicine card today is Turtle, which represents Mother Earth, and is one of my main totem animals. It stresses creativity, staying grounded, and to remember the power and impact of Mother Earth on my daily living. My Sacred Path card is called the Hour of Power. It is also connected to Mother Earth, and how to remember that the Earth has a pulse and heartbeat of her own, and that we need to be connected to that source.

The Hour of Power card also refers to finding your own Hour of Power in the course of your 24 hour day. According to Native tradition, each person has an hour of the day when you feel most energized and connected to your world. And, feeling powerful simply means, when do I feel most connected and willing to acknowledge all aspects of my self. When do I feel most present to the truth of all that is me?

For me, I know that my Hour of Power is early morning for sure, most likely, between the times of 5:00 and 6:00 AM. It is during this time that I am acutely aware of the quiet of the world; when many are still in slumber, and the day has not yet dawned. I love this time of day, and feel like I could run, write, create, cook- ANYTHING! I feel energized and focused and ready for any and all that can come my way.

It is also possible that a person’s Hour of Power could have yet to be discovered. So, even though I believe 5:00 AM to be my Hour of Power, I have never encountered myself consistently at the hour of say, 3:00 AM. Another indicator of our Hour of Power, is that it is 12 hours from the time during the day that we feel at our lowest in terms of energy.

What I love to do is to be creative, whether that mode be music, art, or most of all, writing. To envision myself writing early in the morning, before the start of my “work” mode, is exciting and energizing to me. Through tapping into my Hour of Power, I can also connect to all that it is around me, because when I am doing what I love, I know that I am a part of everything, that what I do connects me to other living and nonliving things, and that we are all One. I am finding and expressing my joy through fully living my life and expressing who I am.

What is most meaningful for me about this card, is the knowing that we all have a time in our day when we feel most like ourselves, and when our creative source is most freely flowing. Discover that for yourself. Be free. Be open. Share your beauty with the world.

Discover your Hour of Power!



4 thoughts on “Finding your Hour of Power.

  1. Great picture with your encouraging post. I also have Jamie Sams Medicine and Sacred Path Cards and I consider them to be filled with profound truths. I’ve used them with questions and the spreads, but not a card for the day. I think I might try that and see what they show me. Thanks very much for sharing your story.

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