Re-Calling the Magic.


I have spent a great deal of my life believing that others around me had to be changed.  Or fixed.  Or improved upon.  It is not an easy thing to admit to myself, or to others, but it is the truth.  In my adult years, I lost much of the wonder, and awe of appreciating the uniqueness of life, that exists in other human beings such as myself.  I started to let my ego run the show, and be the know it all of what I, and others, should be, not what we naturally are.


Now, I would always disguise my expectation for others to be as I thought they should, by saying it was for their own good, and only out of a sense of love and caring for the person.  I understand now how sneaky that was, a way to have my world be the way of my expectations, rather than really, fully appreciate those around me as they are.


You see, each of us brings such a brilliant, unique quality to this world.  Each of us fights a battle at times, struggles with pain, has demons that we want to conquer.  Each of us deserves gentleness, kindness, compassion and understanding that who we are is exactly enough, and exactly right.


We all saw each other in this way at a time in our lives, when we were children, and seeing the world not just innocently, but openly and in an embracing way, was the norm.  Then, we learn that we have an ego, one that wants our world to be a certain way, and begin to exert that influence whenever and wherever we can.


So, I am continuing to be more and more aware, of how to let others just BE, who they are and how they are. Love them for all that they bring to my world. Not what I expect them to bring. Even today, and my acknowledgement that I want to be this way, I had at least three occasions today, when I sooner went to judgment about how a person was “being”, then to simply love them as they are.

Lessons continue to be learned, a day at a time, and often, a moment at a time. What I want to keep learning is how to love, accept others just as they are, and Re-Call into my life the magic of years ago.

I keep learning.

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