Resolutions vs. Intentions



Happy New Year!  As many people do, I thought before the start of 2013, if there were things that I wanted to begin to do, or STOP doing, as my resolution.  I have been making New Year’s resolutions for most of my life now, and for many of those years, I have kept them only for a short time.  Whether it was to start dieting, stop drinking, talk to people more or less, I would stick to my commitment for a few short weeks, and then my resolve would die down.  End of the change.


This year, part of how I brought in 2013, was by attending a yoga class at noon at my favorite studio.  There were many people at class, possibly looking for what I was as well.  A fresh start to a new year, and a spiritual component to go along with it.


Our yoga instructor that day was focused, and intense, and began the class asking us all to think about what we wanted to do to commit to change:  did we want to focus on resolutions, or intentions?  


A resolution, in my mind, is a statement of what it is that I will, or will not do, from this day forward.  It is usually full of excitement and inspiration of how I can be successful and the changes to my behavior that I anticipate.  An intention, on the other hand, is a process of who it is that I want to BE in the new year.


Who do I want to be?  Who do I want to say that I AM?


So, I can say to myself, as a resolution, that I want to stop thinking negative thoughts about others, or start to call my family more often.


Or, I can put forth my intention for my life.  I AM Love.


I AM Peace.


I AM Open, Embracing, Free.


The feel of it is so much deeper for me than a resolution, and feels scarier at the same time.  You see, I can do just about anything that I set my mind to, for a period of time, no matter what it is.  But, if I know that the commitment is to BE a better version of myself, that can feel much more daunting as a task.


Yet, it is where I most want and need to be.  I want to be Love, Peace, Acceptance, Understanding, Freedom.  I want to feel all of those states of being within myself, and I am ready to really be my best self for me, for my loved ones, for the world.


This year, I am focusing on the I AM for my days, rather than the I CAN DO.  I want to live what I preach and feel it to the depths of my soul.  




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