Last week, I had a situation come up with my daughter.  She was upset, and posted something on her Facebook page about having the worst Monday ever.  I wasn’t going to be seeing her for a few hours, so of course, I figured out a story in my head of what was probably going on.

The first thought that I went to, is that something happened to her, that a person in her school, in her life somehow, was hassling her, teasing her, bullying her, being mean to her.  However, the fact that I wanted to create a story out of it all wasn’t the interesting part.  The more interesting part for me, was my response.

I was furious.  I felt ready to physically inflict harm upon someone, adolescent or adult, who had brought hurt or harm to my daughter.  Just like a Mama Bear.

I have known for years, living in an area of the country that bears are commonplace, that they are typically shy and don’t want to be bothered with humans.  However, I know enough that you don’t EVER mess with their cubs; for a Mama Bear will go after anyone that even tries to interact with their babies.  That protective instinct is pure and intense.

I felt that type of urge, that instinct and senses awakening when I thought of my child, my cub, being hurt by another.  What I found so fascinating about that however, is that even though I have always been protective and nurturing of her, I have not often had that intense response to protect her, that results in an urge to harm those that bring harm to her.  Although in reality I didn’t see myself really punching a teenager in the face, who hurt my daughter’s feelings, it felt rather comforting to know that I have that in me, to protect those that I love.

In the past, I have felt the urge to think the best of others, and to believe that no harm could ever come to those that I love, and that has dampened down my feelings of protectiveness.  I often believed that bad would not cross my path, that a stranger wouldn’t ever approach my little girl, that a gunman would never enter her school, that she would never be bullied or harassed.

And now, although I still believe in the good in others, I also know that bad things happen in the world, bad things may happen in my world.  And, even though I am raising a strong, independent and confident young woman, and will continue to do so; and even though I want her to be able to always fight for herself, I will ALWAYS fight for her too.

It is a great comfort to have rediscovered the Mama Bear in myself.


2 thoughts on “Mama Bear.

  1. I’ve had similar reactions on several occasions. I tend to be a very laid back, accommodating, sort of guy…(I have my grandpa’s personality) quick story..I got home from work a few years ago…our oldest was in town visiting w/ our grandchild. She told about a trucker who had sexually harassed her on the way to our place..(his trailer was empty/ and he had both slowed way down and reached speeds of over 80 mph so she couldn’t get around him) She didn’t have his license plate number but did remember a name on the mud flaps/ plus a general description of the truck. I was livid. got on line and started looking or more info. Sent an e-mail to a company that I thought might be able to help us. @ that point, I didn’t care if the guy was a 300 pound ex-con. If we would have been able to track him down, he and I would have had a conversation, in a court of law for sure..and a real part of me, had all sorts of ideas on how to hurt him. yea, it takes a lot to tick me off as well, but you mess with my kids….grrrr

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