Broken Peace.



On my way to work this morning, I passed a local restaurant, that had the word “PEACE” as part of its holiday decorations.  What I noticed is that a plow, storm or person did some damage to it.


What I saw, was Broken Peace.


Besides being a pretty clever play on words, and a great photo opportunity for my blog post, I was also reminded of several conversations that I have had recently, about what we blame others for, rather than look at in ourselves.


Even with opening my heart more and more, and gaining more understanding of the needs and life stories of others, I can still tend to be judgmental.  If a person doesn’t meet my expectations, or is doing or saying something that I don’t agree with, I find it easy to judge a part of them.  The result, for me spiritually, is Broken Peace.  


When I choose to judge someone else, instead of choosing compassion and understanding, I am literally giving away my peace.  My peace of mind, peace of soul, peace of spirit.  There is no love in what I offer another when I am not peaceful about it.  And, even when I silently, secretly judge or view another person, I am still making an offering to them.  Just not the kind that leaves the impact that I truly desire.


I also break the peace within myself when I take on guilt, shame or feeling badly about something that I choose to do in my life.  Whether it is drinking coffee, eating dessert, or watching my favorite television show until midnight, I want to make clean, clear choices that are loving to myself, and guilt free.  


Now, I am not perfect.  And I don’t care to be perfect, I care to be a human being that continues to learn, to grow, to understand more deeply myself, and others, so that I can connect more deeply.  My purpose here, above all others, is to connect deeply with other people, and to do so through the lens of love and peace.


I am perfect as I am, right now today.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to grow either.  It just means that I am perfect, at all stages of my development.  And, so are all of the others that I get to encounter in this world.  They are not in my life to satisfy my needs any more than I am in their lives to satisfy their own.  We grow into a beautiful garden, by growing in each other’s company, cross pollinating, and appreciating and nurturing the beauty in ourselves and one another.


Each day, I commit to hold my peace more and more.  And, to spread peace to others in my life.  If I can offer that to you, to others in my life, and to myself, then I know that I can deeply connect with the world. 






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