Walt Grace.

walt grace post

I love John Mayer’s music. I am fascinated about him as a person as well. Truthfully, when I was studying to be a life coach, one of my dreams was to have him as a coaching client one day. I still intend to sit and have a conversation with him at some point in my life.

One of the areas that fascinates me about him, is his music, particularly his lyrics and how he tells a story. His CD, “Born and Raised”, is no exception. While there are many tunes on this particular compilation that I enjoy, my favorite story told is that of Walt Grace.

As John tells it, Walt Grace was a man, tired of his life, and who had a dream to build a submarine, and paddle away in it. His family and friends didn’t believe that it could be done, and thought that the idea of it, and he, were crazy. Yet, he went on the adventure anyway, and had his dream.

When I heard the song for the first time, my immediate notion was to find out about this brave man who went after his dream, against all odds. What I found, when researching it, was dozens of references to John’s song, but only one link to a person with the name Walter E. Grace. He served in the Coast Guard, was a well behaved seaman, until one day, he got angry, and had a tousle in the mess hall. He admitted his guilt, and that was the end of it.

Could that be him, i wondered?

Then, I really thought deeply about this story. About John Mayer’s ability to tell it. About the man in the song.

And, I understood that Walt Grace is me, is you, is John Mayer.

Walt Grace is all of us.

It really didn’t matter after all if by name, he really existed or did not. What matters, is that in the telling of that story, John Mayer reminds me that I have dreams. I have wild dreams. And, I can always swim toward them, no matter what my people say, no matter what I say to myself, no matter what the tides.

Thanks for that reminder, John. Until we meet……..


2 thoughts on “Walt Grace.

  1. This is absolutely AMAYERZING……I LUV this song on JMs B n R…he has only played it live 2 times sice the album….this man is really a genius…nd I do agree with ur interpretation…thanks for sharing

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