My Painted Face.


I have worn a variety of faces in my life, with those around me. A face of strength, resolve, happiness, reliability, and humor. A face of sadness, responsibility and seriousness. My face, and what it showed to the world, was an expression of who I was. At least, some of the time.

At times, I would show a face to others, that wasn’t a true reflection of how I was truly thinking or feeling at the time. For example, I would put on a face that appeared happy and smiling, when really, I was bearing resentment, or feeling a deep sadness or disappointment within. My face was not honestly reflecting where I was really at, nor was I focused on anyone other than myself.

As I have been choosing a Sacred Path card every day, this past week was interesting, because although the choice of card is random, I have picked the Painted Face card three times this week. Although I grumbled to myself about it yesterday, picking it for the third time, I shifted my thinking instead to what lesson it is that I really need to learn, that I keep repeating this.

According to some Native American legend of some tribes, a person’s Painted Face is the depiction of the gifts that the person possesses within oneself. It is a form of true self expression. But it doesn’t stop there. The Painted Face is also a depiction of not only the gifts that one possesses, but those which will benefit the whole tribe. You see, the gifts that I possess within, are not meant to be something that I keep to myself. Rather, what I have is meant to be shared, to contribute to the whole.

In addition, our Painted Face is meant to reflect when we have had a change of gift, or a change of thinking. We are always called upon to show in a truthful manner, that which we possess and can offer to others. In showing it to the world, we are not boastful about it. We let go of self importance, and embrace the fact that what we are showing is meant to share as a gift with others, so that they may call upon it in times of need.

My Painted Face is one of openness, love, peace. Although it is not perfection, I continue to expand and evolve it daily. That is what I want to offer to the world, on a daily basis. Within that offering, there is no room for self importance; no room for selfishness in not wanting to share it. What I reflect to the world, has to be a genuine offering that can benefit the whole human “tribe”.

So, my lesson is a deep one. What is it that I have within me, that is valuable to offer up to the world, and that I can let go of, with humility, so that they may benefit from it? Although I have some indication of what those gifts within me are, I understand that I must keep expanding on those gifts, keep offering them up, and realize that they are not here for me.

But for ALL.


3 thoughts on “My Painted Face.

    1. Thanks! Hmmm. Favorite book of all time? I would have to say a Wrinkle in Time; imaginative, yet all about human connection. I remember loving it as a kid, and wanting to reread it one day. Thanks for reading!

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