Special Sauce.

cross and faith

The last few days, I have been more aware of how as humans, we can begin to feel quite exclusive in what we think, feel or believe. Meaning, we can start to believe that we hold the corner of the market on spirituality, health, food, or mental health. It can get pretty complicated for those of us still trying to figure all of that out.

Now, believe me, I have once upon a time, believed myself to be COMPLETELY evolved and well rounded, and definitely the expert, when it came to sobriety, or being a trainer, or even in relationship to my spiritual growth or how I take care of my body and health. I believed that I knew all there was to know in many of those areas, and therefore, didn’t have to entertain other points of view, NOR did I have to believe that they were more accurate than my own.

What was really at work in those instances was a good, healthy dose of arrogance, along with fear. Arrogant in the fact that I thought that I was the expert; and fearful, in that I was scared to imagine what it would mean if I didn’t have it all figured out. What if I was wrong? What if I had to change my mind or rethink my position?

Today, when I pose that question to myself, it doesn’t come with fear, but a great big “SO WHAT?”

So what if I have to figure it out differently. Today, I am grateful for learning new lessons, new perspectives, every single day. There will always be other human beings that know more than I do, and ones that I know more than they do. There will always be points of view, about any number of topics, that I will hold a much different position from others around me. Yet, that is the beauty of it all, the beauty of life and living. Is that I get to keep figuring it out.

The bottom line is, there is no Special Sauce, no one, exclusive recipe of how to handle our spiritual selves, how to eat well or take care of ourselves, or to raise our children or make money. No one person, group or organization holds the power in being the expert in any of these areas.

The great beauty of being human, is that we all get to be our truly unique selves, while we figure out how to fit in with the world, and still stay unique and have our own perspective.

What a world!

world of faith


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