The Miracle.


Spring is on its way. And, I am so happy for that. Mainly, because here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, our weather is such that we have pretty much a six month long winter season. Meaning, six months of cold, snowy, blustery weather. Spring, on one hand for me, means WARMTH. More SUN. LIGHT.


Spring being on its way also means to me new life. When buds first start to appear on trees, and the flowers that have been waiting to come to the surface of the ground, start to show themselves, I get really excited. New life. Colorful possibilities and opportunities. Fresh starts and new chances. A change of season, from dark and cold, to light and warm.

I have always viewed the Spring season as a sort of miracle. I am sure some of that is related to Easter, and the miracle of the resurrection, but also because to me, new life as it shows in the trees and flowers keeps me ever present to the miracle of nature, of the wild and living things around us.

Lately, I have been expanding my view of miracles. Thinking more broadly about what is really, a MIRACLE. And, the bottom line of it all is, this life is a miracle.

The breath that I take in. The day that I had today, with coworkers and friends, and my daughter and partner. That is the miracle. That I still have my parents with me, that I have an amazing relationship with my siblings, that I have a healthy, strong body. That is the miracle.

That I appreciate, respect and honor the living creatures all around me, and my Native roots. That I found love that is meaningful and lasting in my life. That I am opening up my true self, to myself, and to the world. THAT is the miracle.

And, what I am realizing about the miracle, is that I need to keep present to it. The more that I recognize that my being here, breathing and living this amazing life, is the miracle itself, the more that my life will open up. When I honor the miracle of life, my mind is open to amazing possibilities, ones that I didn’t even think of yesterday, or last month or last year. Last week, I was contented writing my blog. Yesterday, I thought about learning to write a screenplay. Tomorrow, who knows?

When I can acknowledge how precious this life is, and my presence in it, then I understand how possible it is to create anything that I desire, and even get it.

This life. THAT is the true miracle.

sunrise lavender


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