My truth versus The truth.

I have been thinking quite a bit the last few days, about what it means to tell the truth. Although I pride myself on being a truthful person, and I am reaping the benefits of being truthful in my life, I have been more savvy about discerning the various types of truth there may be in my life.

First type of truth, is MY truth. My truth means, that the story feels and seems real, based on what what my perception is. Or, based on what I want to see happen, or what my expectation is for the outcome. So, for example, if I have a belief, which I have in the past, that I have done everything possible to help improve or sustain a relationship, then my truth was that the other person involved was the reason for the breakdown in communication, or that person was solely to blame for things not working out.

Hence, my truth is not always THE TRUTH.

My truth now, however, is a bit more evolved. Although my Ego loves to jump in and impulsively blame others for why my life isn’t going so smoothly at times, I tend to tell my truth less often about others. Now, my truth is about what is accurate, right and fair for me. In my effort and focus on letting go of expectation, and releasing my need to always know the ending to the story, I am speaking not for others, but more often, for myself.

This can also be tricky, however. For, in speaking up for what my truth is, meaning, what is true for me only, it can sound a bit self centered. Me, me, me. However, that is not the intention. The intention is merely to speak from my own point of view, without assuming the point of view of others, nor expecting others to feel the same.

The truth, meaning, a general concept of fact that can apply to more than one person (my off the cuff definition which seems to fit), is what I am opening my eyes to more often lately. In the past, the only truth that I was willing to embrace was my own. I often did not take into account, that the world could exist very sufficiently, based on principles other than my own. I had to face up to the fact that other people can offer thoughts about life that are accurate and profound and that could even work for me.

The fine line that I get to walk now is discerning between what the real truth is; at the same time that I am owning my truth. So, being honest in my intention and words, when speaking for myself, yet also having the wisdom to see the full truth about any life situation.

I am forever learning, growing, and changing as I progress in this life. The beauty of that is, that I don’t ever have to remain stagnant, I get to keep expanding every moment that I allow the lessons to come to me. The more that I expand, and the more truth that I embrace, the more free I get to be.

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