I could make a problem out of most any situation or circumstance in my life. Whether it be with my love relationship, my family, friends, or work, there are problems to be found if I really want to look for them. It could be about the way a coworker does, or does not, complete their tasks. It could be about a phone call that I did, or did not get, from my sister, or mother or partner. It could be about the activity that we were not able to do together, or something that I didn’t get to buy.

I realized more deeply a couple of aspects of this today. The first one, is that I can choose to have the perception that there really are no problems. That all of what I perceived as problems have already been solved; that it really is a matter of how I view them. Sure, I can view every problem as an opportunity; I am thinking even bigger than that for myself. What if I think that there ARE no problems? That all has already been taken care of, and my life is unfolding precisely as it should be, full of gifts? Wow, what a concept. I like it.

The other aspect that I need to remember is that whatever part of life that I am involved in at any given time, and that I may be trying to figure out, I need to remember that I have within me all that is required to live in that life. Whether it be my intuition, love, strength, determination or fierceness, I can fully trust in my instincts, and my ability to take care of whatever needs tending to in my life.

So, that means, that I get to live a life that is free of problems, viewing my life instead as an opportunity for all great things to come about. It also means that I get to live my life free of judgment, specifically, judgment of myself for not feeling capable at times of handling something that I am facing.

I will ALWAYS be able to find problems everywhere in my life, if I want to. Today, I choose something different. With faith, awareness and love I can enjoy this life and see all of the gifts that are in store for me.


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