Entering the Quiet.

child in forest

I have spent the last two weeks considering, and then, detaching myself, from social media. I deactivated my Facebook account last week, after tossing the idea around for a few days. Although I appreciated the easy access that I had to others in my life, and it was a great platform on which to feature my writing, I was trading away a lot: my time, my attention, my peace of mind.

This all came to its conclusion, after I found myself to be spending more and more time outside, in nature. I have always been a lover of nature. I love being outside, working in the earth, bare feet on the ground, and the sun shining strong on my skin. I love the sound of streams, and ocean waves breaking on the shore. I love hearing rain, and walking in it, snow storms and even sledding in the dead of winter.

Last summer, I was in transition, planning on moving into a new career that I thought that I wanted to be doing. Over the summer, I stopped working full time at my day job, and was job sharing the old career with the new one. The new one required a lot of time on the phone, and on the computer. I spent much of last summer, days and evenings, on the INSIDE looking OUT. Sitting at my kitchen table, for hours at a time, focusing on my tasks and not out in the world. I was taking in the outside world, and yet, not taking it IN TO myself. That is essential for me.

I have since chosen to stay in the career that I am in, and absolutely loving that choice. And, I am recollecting a time over twenty years ago, when I was deeply connected to the world, in nature, and felt at ease, deeply spiritual and one with the earth. It was an amazing time of transition for me, and my nature time was key.

So, for the last few weeks, I have been walking as much as possible outside, at parks and the local lake; hiking; picnicking in the grass; and gardening. I have been in touch with all of my senses, and how they come alive in all ways when I am outdoors.

I have been tuning OUT, to better tune IN. The result, has been that my mind is quieter, because I am turning down the volume in my head. And, my soul feels more peaceful. I also feel connected with all that is around me more often than usual.

So, disconnecting from technology has been easier for me than I imagined. I am enjoying the quiet, and it is no great surprise that it is available to me.

The outside world is always there, waiting for me. I only need to heed the call.


So, as I started to give that to myself more


One thought on “Entering the Quiet.

  1. I am glad you have decided to keep your blog 😉 I made a similar decision last December- stopped listening to talk radio. I realized it stirred up way too much “angst” w/o a way to channel it into something productive. If @ some point you do reactivate your facebook account…let me know. Well, it’s about time to eat. Just wanted to take a minute to touch bases w/ you. DM

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