Just do it already.


Every once in awhile in my life, lately it seems on a more frequent basis, I get the deep sense of putting my theories about life into action. Whether it is being more patient, being kinder to myself, or staying in the moment, when I decide that it is time for me to just do it, instead of philosophizing about it, powerful change comes.

Such was my day today.

I am out of town for my job this week. In a hotel, for five nights, and although the task that I am here to do isn’t awful, I don’t always do well being away from home. I get antsy about the quiet, about all of the me time. So last night, my first night here, I slept with my DVD episodes of Grey’s Anatomy lulling me to sleep, and woke up exhausted.

However, I also woke up feeling quiet. Not the kind of quiet that sits by itself in the corner, but the kind of quiet that feels deep and soulful. The kind that finds answers to the big life questions and then takes it on the road. I felt like I was getting tuned in deeply to my sense of purpose, and why I am here on the earth. I felt connected to nature, to my world, and to myself. I felt deep love and could sense my open heart. I knew that part of what I am here on this earth to do, is to connect with others in meaningful ways.

Then, a friend asked me during the day if I would like to join her after our work day, for a walk, a swim, or something else fun. I panicked. I told her, maybe. I heard the litany of excuses in my head:

I have it all planned to be by myself tonight.
I don’t know what we will talk about, one on one.
I get uncomfortable being in a social situation with someone I don’t know well.
I’m scared.

My blessing today, is that because I spent much of my morning, tuning in to where I am at, and where I want to be, I didn’t fall for that list of excuses for more than a couple of minutes. I said to myself, SERIOUSLY???? What is your problem? Here is an opportunity to connect, to JOIN. GO!

So, I went up to her, shortly after this, and told her YES, let’s go do something fun. So after the office, we walked along the river, we talked, we got to know each other even more deeply, and shared a meal together. We ate good food, a yummy dessert, got out in the summer air, and CONNECTED.

I have spent so much of my life, reading about the kind of person that I want to be, or about what it is that I think that I am here to do.

Today, I decided it was time to just get on with it, and stop talking about it.




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