Being impeccable.

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I have been rereading the book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. ALthough I have read parts of it before, I never finished it. In bringing my intentions for my life and the subsequent actions for myself, I discovered that the book had some very applicable things for me right now today.

The First Agreement, according to Don Miguel, is to be impeccable with your word. This is not the first that I have heard this word, impeccable. It was familiar to me through my work last year with the Handel Group. Being impeccable, meaning, be true to what you say you will do. Be truthful to yourself and others. Clean and clear.

In rereading this agreement, I found some additional aspects that make this so important for me. I sometimes forget the power of words; not only the types of words that we choose, but just language itself. Words enable us to ask for what we want; create our lives; and express ourselves fully. However, words toward ourselves and others can create beauty or harm. Depending on how fertile the ground is, in ourselves or others, to grow one of the two, the magic that results can be beautiful, or quite dark.

Literally speaking, impeccability means “without sin”; and that means that anything that we do against ourselves, which is the first course of all that we do, is a sin. If we take responsibility for something we have said or done, but judge ourselves for it, then we are sinning against ourselves. That is not impeccable. If we do or say anything that brings venom to our souls, because we are judging or viewing ourselves in a harsh way, that is a sin, not in the moral sense, but in the sense of our view.

We can strengthen ourselves, so that we we become immune to the words that others might use, or that we might use on ourselves, to plant negativity or judgment. Becoming immune, in my opinion, doesn’t mean we don’t feel anything. It just means, to me, that we are detached from the outcome. If we are true to ourselves, and we trust and believe ourselves, then the poison from our minds, or from the minds or mouths of others, will not be able to find fertile ground inside of us.

I am becoming more acutely aware lately, of how important my presence on this earth really is. I am deepening my love of myself, and learning how to let go of self judgment and doubt. And, as a result, I will be able to love others as deeply, and approach the world with a fully open heart.

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