A Declaration of Love.


Last month, my partner asked me to marry her. We have been talking about the desire to get married for some time, and on June 22, she presented me with a beautiful ring and proposed.

I immediately said yes.

That moment will be forever branded upon my mind and heart. The moment was perfect; the setting was breathtaking; and my heart was full of more love for her than ever. It was magical.

Two weeks ago, I decided it was time to ask her right back. After all, when you have two women that want to marry each other, it can seem complicated about who asks whom. So, we solved that by each of us asking.

She said yes.

We don’t have a marriage date in mind, although it will most likely be centered around a Blue Moon, which has special meaning for us, and the last Blue Moon was on my birthday last year, just 12 days after our first date. That happens next, the “official” next Blue Moon, in 2015.


We started talking last week about our engagement announcement, and whether or not we wanted to have one put into our local newspaper. To be honest, I had not really thought about it at first. Not for the reasons you might think, mind you. I don’t have any fears anymore about being out as a lesbian. Sure, there are moments when we are out together, and we are holding hands and I feel a bit self conscious. However, those moments are few and far between now, and everyone in my life that matters knows that I am gay, and knows how happy I am with my fiancee.

I hadn’t really thought about it, because I wasn’t quite sure why I would want to do it. I feel pretty clear that a lot of people have a pretty traditional view of what love, marriage and weddings look like, and I am not just talking, people that think it is strictly a heterosexual practice. When I told some people that I got engaged, they asked for an invitation to the wedding, assuming we were having a big one; asked why I am wearing the ring on my right hand (that is the hand it actually fits well on, and, well, it’s different, that’s why); whether or not we will both be wearing wedding dresses; asking how we are going to manage it here in PA, where it isn’t even legal.

So, why an engagement announcement? We thought about the reasons for doing it. For me, it seems like a big “why not?”. We love one another, and why shouldn’t that be something that we announce? The other part for me, is that it seems like a great way to be visible for other couples, or young people, or anyone, that wants or needs to feel inspired, courageous or affirmed for who they are. I mean, I have often thought that if I have the ability to do something, for the possible benefit of others, why shouldn’t I do so?

So in a few short weeks, our declaration of love will be in the local paper for all to see. So, we can show the world who we are, and what we have together.

Love is a beautiful thing.



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