There is no Lack.


I am a person that definitely believes that the world that we create for ourselves is almost solely created by our perception. There are times that I believe it is all due to our perception also, but I still keep a little room for the stuff that is out of my control, just in case. 🙂

However, most of the time, I am a firm believer that I the world that I see, is the one that I create. I create this world by my perception, by the way in which I decide I want to see the world around me. So, for example, if I perceive the world as a loving place, I will more likely see kindness and compassion in the actions of others, and I will be less likely to judge others as potentially harmful to me. If I view the world as a cold, mean place, then I will more likely be suspect of those around me.

So I started thinking about one of the lessons that is found in A Course in Miracles. This particular lesson states that there is no gap between God and his Son, and since we are all of God, then there is no gap between God and each of us, and therefore, no gap between me and anyone. There is no gap, there is no lack.

There is no Lack.

So, if that were my perception, that there is no Lack, that would mean that I always have everything that I need, in this moment.


That would mean I don’t have to buy anything, acquire anything, get anything else, that all is well and I am cared for. That is a big concept for me to get my mind around, in a world where most of my interactions, most of my daily living, if not all, is focused around getting what I don’t have. Whether that is attention, belongings, jobs, or money that I am trying to get. If I think of the world as not having any gap or lack between what I have and what I think that I need, what peace there would be in that. And, such simplicity as well.

So, today, as I go through my day, I will focus on that idea, that there is no Lack. And, if there is no Lack, there is only Abundance.



2 thoughts on “There is no Lack.

  1. I want that perception too. I think you are right and I also think this world is a stacked deck designed to stir discontent and a perception of lack (advertising/ always attempting to sell us what we don’t have) talk to you later- DM

    1. Yes, the world in which we live, or that we think we live in, the conscious world, has much to gain by keeping us all thinking we lack “stuff”. I need more and more simple as the days go by.

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