I have been thinking a great deal about the idea of expansion. Expanding into the life in which we want to be living. What that looks like and if it changes over time.

I believe that as human beings, we change constantly. Even if we don’t see our degree to which we have changed, I believe it is there. Another word that occurred to me recently that can best explain that occurrence is expansion. When I am changing, especially when I am aware of the changes, I am expanding. I am creating new ways of thinking and of meeting my needs. I am using my creativity in more bold ways than before. I am growing and evolving.

I also believe about human beings that we don’t always believe that we can change to the degree that we may need to in order to get what it is that we want. I know that there have been many times in my life when I was sure that I could not learn all that I needed to about a new subject; do a new job task that was being asked of me; or use new skills and tools in a relationship that would make it more open and loving. Yet, I did. I learned, and expanded my view and my skills that I had in place.


What I learned in those life circumstances is that I do have the capacity for expansion, even more than I had previously believed in my life. I have grown into my own space. I have continued to stretch where I wasn’t sure that I could, or better yet, sure that I wanted to.

Just by nature of being in the world, we keep changing. Maybe we don’t view it as growth, but because most of us are of the world, meaning we are out in it on a daily basis, we are changing each time we encounter the world, and view it through our own perception. We either take in the information that we see, and acknowledge that it is in line with what we already know; we throw it away as being of no use to us; or we alter the way we have viewed or done things previously. I believe that no matter which of those scenarios apply, we change in the process.

So, with that in mind, I believe that I will also continue to expand my view, my life, my way of being. I will do this through the process of learning, listening, actively doing something different, taking risks, and really being involved in my life. If I continue to view my life and living is this way, there are absolutely no limits on much I can expand my Self.



4 thoughts on “Expansion.

  1. Great post Vanessa. I like thinking of expansion as the outcome of getting unstuck. For me it is a slow process, but I am working to be ok with however long it takes to be fully open!

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