Snake Medicine.


One of my totems in my Native American cards is the Snake, and for me it is in the Below position in my cards. When a card is in this position, it represents staying grounded and on the path. Snake Medicine indicates many things by its symbolism. It represents a person that can take in poisons of any kinds, because all things in the world are universal. It also means the ability to call up fire medicine, which shows itself in our lives as wisdom, passion, desire, ambition, creation, and dreams. In addition, Snake Medicine represents healing, and the two parts of the body that can most easily bring about healing are the heart and the hands.

Although I draw a card every day, and each card brings me some type of wisdom and self knowledge, drawing the Snake card, on the particular day that I drew it, was quite telling for me. Earlier this week, we had been chatting with our landlady, and she brought over a friend of hers. This friend had been a tenant of hers, in the house we now reside in, more than twenty years ago. He was charismatic, friendly and full of all kinds of information.

And, only a few moments after I met him, I was judging him all over the place.

Why is he so friendly when he hardly knows us? Why is he acting so familiar? Why does he want to come back and visit this weekend, during our housewarming party? Who is this guy anyway? I was very quickly suspect of everything he had to say, and to ask, and I felt myself closing up tight. My partner was chatting away with him, open and interested. This meant I had no ally to stand with me in judgment of him. I was all on my own with this.

After he left, I talked about it, how I had closed up, how he had put me ill at ease, how I suspected weird things about what he said. I realized that without any basis at all, in a period of less than ten minutes, I managed to judge a person without knowing hardly a thing about him, and telling the story in my head of who I thought he must be. My heart was completely closed.

What I understood more deeply about myself, and my purpose, and what I could learn from this experience, is that I can do no good in this world with a closed heart. One of my main purposes here in this world is to be a healer, to bring compassion and love to others as well as myself. When my heart is closed, the Universe is not able to bring that through me to the world. The more open that my heart is, the more that I can love others, be with them as they are, and be present for any miracles that are to come my way. That is powerful stuff, and that is where I most want to be in my life. Present to the miracles, and opening my heart more and more to myself, and to everyone that I meet.

The more I learn, the more that I realize that I have to learn. What a journey this is!



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