Good Friends.


Yesterday we held a housewarming party, which we have been planning since shortly after my daughter and I moved in with my fiancé. We have invited several people, both family and friends, from all different areas of our lives. The weather had been strange all week, and we weren’t even sure how many people were going to show up. But we were all sure excited.

The day was so much better than we could have even envisioned it could be. We had quite a few friends, and family, that were able to be with us, there was plenty of food, drink, and conversation, and everyone had a good time. What was especially interesting to me, as one of the hostesses of the party, was that I really didn’t have to do anything at all. We had prepared all of the food that we made in advance, and so everything was ready for our guests to arrive.

What I felt compelled to get involved in, yet unfolded beautifully without me, was merging people together. Many of the people that we invited had never met one another before, groupings of our friends that were friends of ours, but not necessarily friends with one another. It was interesting how strongly I felt like I had to help people to merge with one another, so no one would feel left out or uncomfortable.

As with so many things in my life that I take my hands out of, people meeting and chatting with each other evolved all by itself, without my help. The results were that so many of our friends, who we enjoy spending time with, also got to get acquainted with one another. By late in the evening, it was apparent that all that came had a great time, and the gathering was just perfect.

Some of my friends have been in my life for 25 years or more, and others are more recently known to me. Some of them are ex partners or ex’s of my ex partners. Some of them are gay, some are not. Yet, they all hold deep meaning in my world, from the past and in the here and now. I consider myself so fortunate, for me, and also for my daughter, to be surrounded always by good friends.



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