Reach out and connect.


I have this odd thing that happens to me often, and I believe it is because I feel deeply connected to living creatures. I seem to be able to communicate with all types of living beings, bugs, animals and humans. I have communicated with a crying raccoon at the lake where we walk, that seemed to be ill; I have communicated with a family of beavers that live in the dam at that same lake; squirrels come really close to me when I speak to them. We have an enormous spider living in our basement that seems to listen when I speak. And, on Friday, I spoke to a dragonfly that was on its back, until it righted itself and flew away.

It seems odd, but not.

I feel the need to reach out and connect with the world around me. Whether it is calling friends in my world to see what is up; visiting my family as often as I can; or finding connection with my daughter’s friends when they visit, I love to connect with other humans. I also love to connect with the animal world, talking with the four cats that we have inherited at our home, in addition to our cats that we own. I love to speak to creatures in the wild, assuring them that I will not bring them any harm and that I can understand them.

I want to create for myself and for others a sense of community. A world community full of connection and love. I know that sometimes it can feel very easy for me to want to isolate, to stay at home and just look at the world from my own viewpoint, to not bother because the world seems too scary or not accepting enough. Yet, I wake up another day and have a newfound energy to keep doing it. Keep reaching out. Keep showing love even where love seems to not be easily found. Shed my light into the dark corners even though those in the corners may not think that they want the light.

I no longer feel as compelled for my connection to be the way for me to save others around me. I know that we each need to save ourselves in this world, to use our own power and influence to create abundant lives for ourselves. I do, however, thrive and become energized by connecting with the world around me, in simple and profound ways.

It really is that simple. Reach out, connect, be with others in this life. See what it means to really create a sense of community. And, when we do that as humans, it always comes back to gift us in some way.



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