Savor it All.


Today is my birthday. Although I am usually very excited for my birthday, for days before it even comes, this year I didn’t feel that so much. I was happy that it was birthday time, but my regular level of excitement seemed to not be there.

At first, I thought it must be because I had a really busy week at work, being the only one in my unit, and doing many tasks on my own that I had not done before. However, that didn’t seem to really make sense to me either.

What I figured out it is, and it is a great reason, is that I am pretty excited for my life, every day, for years now. I have grown, learned, and continue to do so in every moment. Sometimes, the lessons come unwillingly to me, meaning, I don’t ask for them, and I even deny that I need to learn them. Other times, I seek out the knowledge and understanding for what it is I am working on in my life.

The bottom line for me is, I am abundant, each and every day, and I am quick to acknowledge it and appreciate it. I feel full and complete. I appreciate the people in my life, and look forward to connecting with new friends and faces. So, a birthday is a great day to celebrate, yet, I feel like most days, I am celebrating who I am, where I am going, and who is in my life. It is beautiful.

In the birthday card that my fiance gave me this morning, there is a quote that says it all for me:

“I asked for all things so that I might enjoy life; I was given life so that I might enjoy all things.” Unknown

I don’t need things, special days of the year, or events to create my life. I am creating it, moment by moment, savoring all of it, even the challenges and setbacks, and that means that every day feels like a gift, a celebration. I am blessed beyond words.

The biggest difference for today being a celebration, is cake. šŸ™‚



7 thoughts on “Savor it All.

  1. I wish your birthday was more cheerful. My birthday was the best. It usually is. My family treats birthdays like holidays and they don’t even end in the adult years. I had a couple really bad things happen in the last week but I keep remembering the good things that happened. I hope your cake was delicious at least

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