It’s a Merry Go Round, after all.


Last night, Brenda and I were talking about another aspect of life. We always do, and it always helps us both to get a better perspective of where we are at, and going. We were walking around the lake near our home, which was especially quiet and deep yesterday. It is a place that is one of our favorites.

She talked about how she wishes that there would come a time that she was finally free of all that it is that she keeps dealing with about herself, over and over again in this lifetime. She wished it would be done already. She equated it with being on a merry go round, going around and around over and over again.

I can easily identify, as I have often in my life wanted the same thing. Wanted to believe that this time would be the last time that I would have to deal with a particular issue or struggle. That I was tired of dealing with my body, or addiction, or communication, or being disconnected from my feelings. That I wanted to be at the end of the lessons already.

Then, within the last year, I finally figured out in this world that there is no there, there. That even though I want to not ever compare my body to others again, or worry about addictive behaviors of some sort in my life, or not lie awake in the night worrying over an interaction, it is not likely that those will ever fully go away. They have gotten better, and they plague me less often, and for shorter periods of time, but they still nag at me from time to time.

Brenda is so right; it is just like a merry go round, that we get on, and we don’t ever seem to be able to get off. It doesn’t move from its spot, yet we go around, away from the issue, but come right back to it again. That is life.

Life is a merry go round, cliche as that may sound. And, the great thing is:

Life is a Merry Go Round. That means, color, fun, magic, music, and brass rings.

What could be wrong with that?



2 thoughts on “It’s a Merry Go Round, after all.

  1. You speak my mind and feelings. I’ve always used the analogy of a spiral staircase, because I do revisit the same issues, but from a higher level of consciousness – I’m not as stuck or afraid or addicted as I used to be. But a spiral staircase is rather drab (I’ve actually seen it as metal in a grey stairwell), and I love your merry go round image; I think I’ll combine our two images, and make my staircase a multi-level merry go round. Puts some fun into the hard work!

    1. Kelly: I love that; a multi level merry go round! THank you for also clarifying for me, that we are always learning; therefore, always revisiting from a higher level of consciousness, awareness, knowledge; we are growing even when we think we are not! What is great for me about telling the truth about what I am thinking and feeling, is that so many people can relate, because as humans, we are all dealing with the same stuff!!!

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