Rest in Love.

open heart

Rest in love. What does that even mean?

For me, it means that love is all around us. Love is with us. When it seems easier to resent, or be angry, or judge someone else, choose love instead. Come back to the love for ourselves, and others, that is always there even when we don’t see it.

I heard someone say yesterday that it is easy to be this way, less judgmental, when things in life are going our way, when things are easy. If life went the way that we wanted it to, all the time, then it would be easy to be the person that we most aspire to be. Yet, it seems to me, that is the point.

Life is, at times, a challenge for many of us. All of us, for that matter. Yet, we can always choose how it is that we want to be in the world. How much love we can call up in ourselves to show to one another.

I always remember reading about persons who have had a loved one killed, or die in an accident that was clearly another person’s fault. And that person forgives the one who brought about the death. Offers forgiveness. Offers love. That is admirable to me. Not because it is being offered in any blind way. Because love is really what we have within us; we all have the capability for it. And, nothing in this world heals like it.

When we truly show love to ourselves, love to others, we let go of judgment. We let go of resentment and anger and shame. When I am truly loving myself, I feel at peace. I don’t hold anything against myself, and I feel happy about what I see when I look in the mirror. I feel humble, and capable, and whole.

When I choose love toward another person, a person with whom I have had conflict or trouble, it feels so human, so connected. Even if there has been difficulty in the past, even if that difficulty is current, when I remember to love that person over everything, I see their beauty.

Loving doesn’t have to be offered exclusively when it is returned, or when we feel safe in knowing that it is okay to show it. Love is meant for all, not a chosen few. When you are not sure what else to do, choose love. Open and offer.



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