Love created Me.


Earlier this week, I was having a lot of negative thoughts. Although some of those thoughts were based in judging others, most of the negative thoughts were directed at myself. The thought that was present most often was the thought of how much I despise my physical appearance at times. My size, the way my clothes fit, you name it. I was very aware of riding that train for awhile this week.

Then, Brenda read a lesson for A Course in Miracles, which she does most days, and then we talk about it. It is the best part of our coffee time together, getting the thoughts in our own heads out, and talking about it all. I love it.

The lesson that came up one day this week was, Love created Me. Love created me like itself. Which means, that I am love. I am beloved.

When I think about this, I have to say, it doesn’t feel like some lofty concept that I can’t relate to. It felt completely understandable to me, and I felt myself being in awe of it. Imagine, the way that I view myself at times, is in direct contradiction to the nature in which I was created. As I thought about this, I felt the love that is inherent in me, as a result of my creation. Then, I expanded on the thought a bit, and realized, love is boundless. Love is without pretense or expectation or judgment. Pure love is endless and timeless.

BOUNDLESS Love created me like itself.

That is incredible. So, as I was thinking about that, every time that I wanted to think something trashy about myself, and it happened especially often in the car, I had to then think the thought, “Boundless Love created me!”. It really helped. It helped me to recall to myself, over and over again, of what I am made.

I have the power and choice every day, to think thoughts and view myself in a totally negative way. Yet, when I remember that I am Love, that I come from Love, it is hard to see myself as less than in any way. I also thought about it in terms of my own child. I would readily see how she came from Love, and how I see that in her first and foremost. So the question became for me, why can’t you see that same Love in yourself?

It is all one great experiment, really. We go toward something, see it isn’t for us, or is, and then we choose to not do that again, or to do it more often. Everything is a discernment and judgment. We are all just trying to figure out what this all means. So, all thoughts of mine, negative or not, serve as lessons for me. Yet, it also feels really powerful, to be ready to put those thoughts away for good.

For now, I feel warm and fuzzy all over when I really take in the words, Boundless Love made Me.




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