What creates Time.


Each day, I do my best to remind myself to stay in the present moment. When I want to worry about something that has already gone by, I work to remind myself to come back to the present. When I want to be frightened about what might come in the future, I do my best to come back to today, right now, and keep my focus there. It is not always easy, yet I do my best to remember as often in the day as possible.

Time is a tricky concept. For years, I would bemoan that I didn’t have enough of it; that I always seem to run out of it; and that it seems to slip away from me. Even when I started to take more ownership into how I would choose to spend my twenty four hours in a day, I would accuse time of running out on me. Of going too fast.

The real truth is that every second of time, how we spend our days, nights and lives, is up to us. We are the ones that possess the concept, and are in total control of how it is spent. Yet, there is something more interesting still of why we conceive of time in the way that we do. Let me start by explaining what time is NOT.

When I am truly in the present moment, doing anything in my world, I have no concept of time. I am involved, invested, and present to what is happening in the here and now. There may be clocks on the wall or I may be tempted to check the hour on my phone, but the real truth is, I have no concept of the passing of time. I am totally unaware that time even exists.

In my life today, I am more aware of time than I care to be, but am working to be present more and focused on the concept of time less. What A Course in Miracles suggests, and what I find most believable for my life as well, is that Time is created by Shame, Guilt and Fear. When we are aware of time, worried about its passage or coming, or counting the minutes or hours, it is coming from something that we are afraid of, or feel guilty about.

To expand on this a bit more, think about the things that seem to keep us in the past. Most likely, they are all related to something that we believe is that we have left undone, or that we feel guilty about, or even something that brings out fear in us. When we think about the future, plan for it, or worry about it, then that can also be related to things that we feel guilt or shame about, or fears that we possess.

Guilt, Shame and Fear created Time.

So, if I take this tenet to be true, than I also know that only by staying the present moment, being here in the now and experiencing all that is before me, as a loving creation, then time will not matter. When my fears and guilt can be let go, we can be here, enjoying what we are in, and actually being timeless.



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