Learning to Walk.


I bought myself a new pair of shoes last week. Although it was a style that I don’t normally buy, it wasn’t too outrageous, and I wanted to try them out. What I found is that I suddenly, don’t seem to know how to walk properly. I am walking with my feet pointed way out, like a duck, and tensing my toes so that they stay on, but don’t rub incessantly against each heel, causing blisters.

It sounds complicated, but it has been the process, nonetheless.

Today I was lost in thought about the bigger meaning of buying a new pair shoes. And, I realized that in life, we are always learning how to walk. Whether we are toddlers or later in our lives, we are all at various phases of how to manage to get around with what we have. When we are little, and first learning what walking is all about, we observe those around us and how they get around. We test out our legs by crawling, pulling ourselves up by our hands, and cruising from one piece of furniture to another. One day, we get the urge and courage to let go, and take a step. Then two. Then ten, right across the room, usually into the open arms of someone who has been waiting for that moment forever.

I believe we never outgrow this. Learning to walk is not a once and done deal. Every day, at least for me, it seems that I am learning something new that requires me to adjust my thinking, and learn to move through my life in a different way. Different by no means is bad, mind you.

Just different.

So, today, it was actual shoes that I was adjusting to, and as a result, I had to walk in an entirely new fashion. I had to rely on skills I already had, and new ones that I had to make up as I went along. Metaphorically speaking, there are many situations that I encounter, and then have to learn to walk again, or in a new way. When I am addressing a difficult issue with my daughter, and want to maintain our open, honest communication, I develop new ways to navigate through that, learning all the time what works and what doesn’t. In my job, I am always learning how I need to communicate what I really want, from a provider or a client, so that their needs get met. Sometimes, I already have the knowledge that I need. Sometimes, I am learning as I go.

No matter what life scenario we will encounter, I believe that we are always learning, and then we always have the opportunity to take that learning out into the world, and put ourselves in the midst of our lives.
Whether we are toddling, strolling or running, we are learning, changing, growing, and expanding.

The beauty of life that it really is ageless, timeless, and full of new adventures.


2 thoughts on “Learning to Walk.

  1. So perfect of you to write about learning to walk. I took my very first baby step with my blog and thoughts of me falling on my face keep trying to discourage me. I am nevertheless moving forward knowing that I am surrounded by loving people who will offer their hand to help me back up and will encourage me to keep taking steps. It’s wonderful to discover that we have skills and the ability to learn as much as we want!
    Thank you

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