The Human Union.


When I was out with Brenda this weekend, we were talking about human rights, equal marriage, and the current climate in the world. One of the people that I was speaking with commented that marriage should be for everyone, under God, with no restrictions. He called it a Human Union.

I have thought a lot about that since then, not equal marriage as much as the concept of human union. What does that mean to me? To me, it means the things that we do each day to not only connect with other people around us, but also to gain understanding about them and their life experiences. So, it isn’t enough for me to spend time with friends connecting, or seeing each other on Facebook. The newsfeed scroll, I have to say, is really not enough for me to feel connected to people in my life. I need more depth and involvement than that.

Simply connecting without any depth can be easier; when we are busy in our full lives and just have a moment to look at the tiny screen on our phones. But easier doesn’t always mean more meaningful or deep. I have a craving for more connection with people than that much of the time.

Yet, there are many ways every day that I separate myself from other people. Whether it is the moment that I am thinking of a friend and I don’t pick up the phone and call them. When I make up a full story of why someone hasn’t called me in awhile, and use that as a reason to not call them. When I judge others, by their appearance or actions, based on what I think is the right way to do things. Each action separates me from the people around me.

I continue to look at this in myself. That even in light of a law in a far away country, that openly discriminates and criminalizes those whom are gay, I can find within myself understanding of the fear that creates those kinds of policies. I can try to understand those that seem so far away from me in their beliefs, because otherwise I am separating myself from them as well.

For there to be a more perfect Human Union, we need to join, not just connect. We need to seek to see, and to understand. That is what binds us.



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