The Universe and You.


I think a lot, as you probably are well aware if you read my blog posts with any regularity. I believe that is because I am in a deeply spiritual phase of development in my life. As I age, and grow, my spiritual understanding and capacity expands more each day. I can learn more and grow more, because I am increasing my ability to take more information in. Not just through learning, but by letting it come into me.

B and I were talking about how it is that people get what they want in life, on one of our deep lake walks. How for me, I always default to the importance and ever present nature of personal choice. If I am happy, I am choosing to be happy. If I am depressed or discouraged, I am choosing that also. I choose the path that takes me to a career that I love or despise, to relationships that are either working well or are complete disasters. I even choose my physical health or disease, to an extent.

However, I additionally believe that the Universe is looking out for and guiding us, and GIFTING us, along the way. We are watched over, loved, and bathed in light. We are taken care of by something bigger than ourselves. I also believe that the Universe bestows upon us gifts that can lead us toward our greatest happiness. But, and this is a big BUT in my mind, if we are not open to the light and gifts that the Universe wishes to bestow upon us, they will not come.

My example is this: If I am describing to someone in response to the question, “What do you do?”, my first answer is always in reference to my career. It never occurs to me to talk about my love of cooking, or long walks, or my love of writing. In many conversations that I have with people, my writing is an afterthought; meaning, I don’t give it top billing. My belief is, if I don’t recognize its importance in my life to others, to the world, then I will not be gifted with opportunities to expand that gift. If I am not open, and willing, to own my love of something, and my true desire to participate in it, I don’t believe that the gifts from the Universe come.

We need to be open, willing and ready for the light to pour into us from the Universe, God, Buddha, or whatever your belief is. We have to believe in ourselves in a bigger way than any of those spiritual entities, so that we are wide open as a vessel of love, as ready to receive the biggest part of the gift that is yet to come.

So, I believe that our true happiness and the striving for it comes from our own choices, and what we believe we deserve. And, once we have that, the results will be bountiful.



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